Significance Of Deep Cleaning At Work Place For Better Productivity

Offices and commercial properties require deep cleaning, in the same way, your residential property needs. To clean every single corner of your office, it is essential to hire professional cleaners such as the RNC Cleaning Services team.

To achieve a healthy environment and sparkling workplace, it is imperative to book a Deep cleaning with a professional cleaning company that can deep clean some common areas like Kitchen, Toilets, activity areas and conference rooms.

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As you know Kitchen is one of the common areas which get targeted with mess and spills most of the time. The reason behind this, keeping a kitchen clean is not someone’s particular responsibility. Without regular cleaning service, it will be very tough for you to maintain a cleaning standard of the kitchen’s key attributes – Fridge, Grout, Cupboards, and waste bins.

  • FRIDGE: – A leftover food inside the fridge not only makes a mess and generates a bad smell but also makes the fridge’s shelves dirty. So, it is crucial to take some actions to maintain the hygiene and cleaning standards of the fridge. Actions you can take: Arrange a deep cleaning of the fridge from in and outside, advise staff not to leave open food and remove expiry date items frequently, and empty the fridge before the deep cleaning.
  • GROUT: – As regular cleaning doesn’t cover grout cleaning of the Kitchen walls and floor, so grouts get dark especially around the kitchen sinks. On top of it, there are high chances of mold presence at some edges. Therefore, you really need to arrange a deep cleaning at least once a month in regards to keep grout clean and free from mold.
  • CABINETS: – Though we only keep dishes in our kitchen shelves, it is necessary to wipe all the cabinets from in/outsides in terms to remove dust, crumbs, and cobwebs.
  • WASTE BINS: – There are high chances that regular cleaners only change bins and leave the bad stains, food spills, and some rubbish underneath the bin liners. At RNC Cleaning Services, we clean the bins from inside and outside and make sure bins do not stink.


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Like Kitchen, toilets are also another common area where everyone makes more mess and does not bother to clean. So, the regular cleaning could cover only basic tasks like clean toilets, change bins, wipe shelves and taps, top-up consumables.

Hence, deep cleaning left behind so, you ought to organize a deep cleaning of toilets on a monthly basis. RNC Cleaning Services’ deep cleaning covers – grout cleaning, corners, and edges scrubbing, remove mold, walls’ wiping, scrubbing of sinks and shower screens, wipe doors and handles from inside and outside, and remove scuff marks.


Activity areas and Conference rooms are quite large in size as compared to other areas of the office and unlike other; usage of these areas is less so receptionist staff arranges its cleaning only before and after the event or conference.

We at RNC Cleaning Services strongly suggest that this before and after the event cleaning should be a deep cleaning which can cover removing all the cobwebs, wipe skirting boards, clean windows, and window sills, wash any glass fitting, make curtains dust free and clean doors and its handles from inside and outside.

Apart from these areas, there are some other sections which should be deep cleaned: Office desks, chairs, carpet, rugs, office equipment, decorating items, bins, windows, and glass partitions.

Please contact our friendly customer service team on +61 455 262 737 or email at and we will take your stress of cleaning. With our cleaning service, we provide a healthy environment for your employees and change the perception of your customers, and support you to do a more successful business.

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