Get Your Bond Back with End of Lease Cleaning Services and Their Benefits

End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning all rented living space before releasing the rental property. Cleaning at the end of the lease can be done by the tenant or a professional cleaning company hired by the tenant. Cleaning up occupancy is a time-consuming and routine task to ensure that the rental property is in good condition for future residents.

Why do you need to move in and clean up?

Landowners are very strict about leasing. You will need to pay a deposit when you move to a rental property. Deposits guarantee the landlord that they will be able to receive what they have to pay for cleaning services from the deposit.

At the end of the lease, you will receive a full rental deposit if everything meets the owner’s criteria. That’s why so many people hire moving cleaners. The price of the cleaner is much more acceptable and it helps to save your lot of time.

After speaking with a landlord friend of mine who often inspects his rental properties when his clients are moving out and moving in, here a few of the points that he always checks and find the tenants have often missed.

1. On top of the kitchen cupboards

2. The oven is often not cleaned to its original standard; you need real oven cleaner for this.

3. Skirting boards Light fixtures need removing and cleaning

4. Remove basic stains from walls with gentle application of warm water, don’t scrub hard or the paint will come off

5. The seals of fridges Windows need cleaning and to be streak inside

Benefits of using an end of lease cleaning

The average team of cleaners at the end of a lease is mostly around 3-4 people.  if you try to clean yourself, you will have to go out and buy equipment that may be missing for good occupancy cleaning. Here I have mentioned a few benefits of hiring end of lease cleaning services:

1. Secures Bond Amount

2. Saves Time and Money

3. Uses Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

4. Simplifies Move-Out Process

6. Follows Standard of Cleanliness

end of lease cleaning

Decide whether to clean yourself or hire a cleaning specialist

Cleaning at the end of the lease can be time-consuming and completely tiring. Of course, if you share a rental property with three or more people, it won’t take more than six hours to get fairly reasonable results. But not everyone has such free time between work, family and study. You may not have the free time needed to push yourself; therefore, End of lease cleaning Melbourne is necessary.

When deciding how to tackle moving cleanliness, you should sit down and talk with the landlord to discuss what his expectations will be. Of course, you have to bring a lease and evaluate whether the landlord’s wishes are reasonable, according to the lease. The owner does not have the right to request anything not included in the lease. One Time Cleaning is also important for the new house.

Professional cleaners have access to a range of RNC Cleaning Services to offer you the best cleaning services possible in Melbourne. RNC Cleaners is a professionalism and experience, which makes the process of end of lease cleaning one less thing to think about. This leaves you to focus on packing up your belongings and getting ready to move.

In addition to end of lease cleaning, most cleaners offer cleaning services to establishments that require cleaning on a regular basis, such as houses and office serviced, commercial apartments. RNC cleaners are backed up by a guarantee of a high quality clean from our professional team of cleaners who bring their cleaning experience to your job.



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