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As COVID-19 is spreading all over the world and infecting people rapidly, it is especially important to stay safe by taking regular cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing services at your Commercial as well as residential premises. For a free quote, please contact us at +61 455 262 737.

Exhaustive Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting in Melbourne that Safeguards Sanitized Workplaces

To make sure your safety and protection of your Personnel and customer, we deliver specific Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. To prevent COVID-19 and other dangerous viruses, we produce the tailored professional cleaning service proposals based upon your property’s requirements.

At RNC Cleaning Services, you can opt daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning procedures that require customized sanitation services to combat COVID-19 exclusively.

As you have faith on us with your Coronavirus(COVID-19) cleaning and disinfecting, we, as a professional certify that we will clean and sanitize the whole area that possibly infected with this toxic virus. 

Coronavirus Deep Clean & Disinfect Service

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has suddenly achieved a status for Being exceptionally dangerous. It can stay alive on the surface for up to a week or more than that based on the category of the surface. Some people do not show any symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, which makes it hard to trace and control. Therefore, having a trusted professional like RNC Cleaning Services On your side is very crucial.

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning is carried out by RNC COVID-19 team by below actions:

  • We use Hospital grade and industrial-strength disinfectant.
  • Fully enclosed personal protective equipment (PPE) such as Coveralls, Face masks, Gloves, and Googles.
  • Follow 2- stage process as outlined by Government and Safe Work Australian guidelines.
  • Dispose of all the used cleaning cloths and PPE appropriately so there is a zero chance of contamination.

The way we provide efficient cleaning for the Office, Commercial, and Residential building?

  •  First, we identify all the frequent touchpoints such as tabletops, Desktops, lights switches, telephones, keyboards, all handles and knobs, size of the property, and the number of toilets blocks. We communicate with the client in a detailed way to clearly understand the client’s requirements.
  • Clean all the touchpoints, and other areas with normal chemicals so we can keep them ready to apply disinfectant.
  • Then wipe the surface in one direction only so the contents of the surface to be picked up properly.

Now is the time for Disinfect Process:

 There are several methods of using a disinfectant. Some commonly used ways are spraying, misting, fogging, and wiping; however, it very important how to use them.

  •  Choosing the correct method: It is essential to select the right structure or a mixture of processes to apply disinfectant. To achieve a successful result, we should know clearly how much amount of Disinfect should be used, when it should be used, and for how long it should be used.
  • Selecting the appropriate disinfectant: At RNC Cleaning services, we follow the Government and Safe Work Australian guidelines and TGA approved disinfectant. We have the Safety Data Sheets for all the disinfect we use.

Whether the RNC COVID-19 team is your regular Commercial and Residential cleaning service provider or not, we can assist you by providing a Deep Cleaning service beyond Regular Cleaning.

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